Personal Training Studio
                                                 Convenient location - Certified trainers - Affordable rates!

We are located at:
250 Ward Avenue Suite 206
Honolulu, HI   96814

Convenient location!
Free parking!
New and clean exercise equipment!
No membership fee! 
Very comfortable environment!
We are at the end of Ward Avenue (upstairs from Big and Tall Kramers)


Benefits of working with us:

No distractions – a benefit for those who want to workout in an environment where a level of comfort exceeds the “gym” atmosphere. An added benefit is a private changing area, restroom, locker room, and shower facility.

Accomplishing a total workout is a challenging task. Having a trainer will help one who values their time.   
A strong mind is an integral part of the workout. Being in an environment that allows one to concentrate on form, technique, and breathing helps the mind to focus on the goal.

The bottom line is what is achieved. Feeling good and staying in top physical condition is worth the investment. The better your health, the better your wealth and the quality of life is key to living well!

Group exercise studio to meet all your fitness goals!
Click on to group schedule for updated classes and affordable rates.

TRX- Bootcamp- Jiu Jitsu- TurboKick- Yoga
Zumba- Metabolic Training- Tabata Bootcamp

For more information, please call (808) 591-2289
or click on "Contact Us" Menu (above).

We now have 10 certified personal trainers specializing in:

- Nutrition (diet plans for weight loss, inches/fat loss, health/wellness)
- Endurance training (marathon, triathlon, ironman, etc)
- Sports specific (golf, soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball, skiing, etc)
- Senior fitness (increase bone density, improve balance, better posture)
- Functional training (improve core strength, muscle balance, prevent injuries)
- General fitness (endurance conditioning, strength building, increased 
    flexibility, improved muscle tone, decrease blood pressure, confidence building)