Emi Hata is 96 years old.  Her trainer, Pat Kamida, has been working with Emi for nearly 12 years.  Through consistent exercise and personal training, Emi does not have to use a cane, walker, or any device to help her get around.  Her good balance, mobility, and strength have been key factors in healthy living.  Emi's secret to staying healthy and keeping fit is moderation in everything.  She says, "don't worry and don't overdo it".  Emi loves challenges.  She is not afraid to get on a BOSU or stability ball.

Betsy Morioka came to Definition about a year ago.  Since then, she has lost 54 pounds and feels like a new person inside and out!  In addition to working on her core, strength, and balance, Betsy added cardiovascular condition three times a week.  She also altered her diet.  Betsy now eats 5 to 6 smaller portions per day and increased her organic fruits and vegetables.  She cutback on sugar and complex carbohydrates by 70%.  She says that changing her workout routine brought about many more changes about the way she feels.  Way to go Betsy!